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John Kalb

I have a lifelong involvement with media and technology. Starting at the age of 9, I toured the country for Ampex demonstrating 1-inch videotape and the power of a new communications medium - video. Later, I was instrumental in the emergence of the CD-ROM producing the first interactive discs for SONY, Microsoft, and Intel. I have completed more than 50 interactive projects for clients such as Disney, the National Geographic Society, IBM, the Regan and Nixon Presidential Libraries and the Smithsonian Institution.

Over the last three years, I have been fortunate to be a member of Camera Cabal, a Bay Area photography salon and exhibition group of fine art photographers. Camera Cabal members exhibit their work together, and individually, and some teach photography and lead photography field trips. Camera Cabal meets monthly to review and critique the progress of member photography projects, share ideas and techniques, and encourage each others' creative talents. The mission of Camera Cabal is to provide cooperative support so that members make compelling images, and to share those images through group and solo exhibitions, and educating photographers.

The paintings of Mark Rothko and the Impressionists inspire my explorations in photography; as well as the community of belly dancers led by my wife, Dhyanis. When I watch the dancers, all I see is energy, vibrations, colors and motion. I strive to communicate the feeling of the dance, rather than the dance itself.
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